How to use it?

A problem of touch devices

Normally, if you want to start an app on your device, you will tap on a shortcut on the home screen or in the apps list.
The problem is:
if you have installed more than 10-20 apps, you don't really have an overview and it's taking ages till you find the shortcut of the app you want to start.

LAppSter is a possible solution for the start problem

It gives you the possibility to find the needed app with only few taps

How does LAppSter work?

All information about installed apps can be retrieved from the operational system.
But we don't need all of them to make the app starts faster.
LAppSter scans the metadata and creates an internal index, which helps to list the installed startable apps quick and simple.
During you're typing the first characters of the keyword, LAppSter will reduce the list of possible apps.
You can tap on all the listed apps and start them directly from LAppSter.

First start

If you start LAppSter first time, it cannot find any created index on your device.
It will suggest to you to start a new scan for the installed apps.
Cancelling of the first scan causes that LAppSter will be exited.

App scan

The app scan process loops through all installed apps and tries to extract the tags, which can be helpful for finding the app later.
For better performance of your device and longer battery runtime LAppSter does not install own background service for monitoring of installed, removed or changed appdata.
You should start the app scan from menu, if some new apps has been installed or removed.

Quick suggestion list

The names of all startable apps will be listed on the home screen.
In the special keyboard are only the keys enabled, which can be used for the selection of an installed app

Empty query

If nothing is entered, the default app list shows the history of the last started apps. If some apps have not been started, they will be sorted by the name.

Learning by starting

If you start some app from the suggestion list, it gets higher priority and will be shown next time on a better position or even on the top

If you still have questions, please add a new comment!